10 reasons why visitors are not purchasing from your store

10 reasons why visitors are not purchasing from your store

Opening an online store can be a great way to run a business. There is no invoice to pay or the staff to hire and you can enjoy the sale 24 hours a day.

Moreover, unlike a brick and mortar store,  an e-commerce site allows you to sell your products to customers all over the world.

But sometimes, even the best online store does not seem to make money.

Discover the Top 10 Reasons Why Websites Fail to Make Money and Get Practical Advice on How to Return Your Site.

In this publication, we have grouped the most common reasons why people decide not to buy when they shop online.

We also tell you how to prevent people from leaving without buying.


#1 – Old fashioned design

The fact that you think the flashing 12 colors logo is fantastic, does not mean that the community will like it also.

Ask a professional to clean your website design elements so they invite and attract people. Yes, the design is subjective and can not impress all, but that can certainly make your efforts a little more effective.

Good e-commerce design sites can greatly help you achieve good sales. 


#2 – No product brand

I once talked to a person who sells the nets, the child seats, and lids, all on his main website page and wondered why his business was not booming.

I’m not even going to get into the design or the programming aspect, the only two sites on the planet that you can get all products from are Amazon and eBay … that’s all.

Your site must be known for selling a specific category of products.

You can not simply be a handyman with regard to your products since the market already has too many bigwigs who take this road.


#3 – No niche or brand

People really like niche websites when shopping online for something very specific.

Put aside Target.com and Walmart.com, if someone wants to buy products through specialized niche provider, they will feel like being part of a brand.

The days of icing products on your website with a shopping cart are over. This approach is the Sunday newspaper and you still have to put something on the table repeatedly.

Your brand gives your visitors a reason to want to become a customer of your site.


4# – No customer service visible

Visitors to your website could feel warm and pessimistic. So if something goes wrong with the purchase, they have a phone number to call or talk to someone or exchange.

Do not bury your return policy and customer service information. 


5# – Horrible programming

An e-commerce site should have simplified programming. If you live your hibernation website when you put to rest in the year 1999, you will spend money and rebuild it.

The game has changed and you have to dig into your site and improve things from the perspective of the user experience if you want sales to occur regularly.


#6 – Lack of conversion settings

It is important to have some items in place on any website to achieve its purpose. If you are selling one or more products, it is necessary that some Call-To-Action points are clearly visible and defined.

Everything, from the type of purchase button that is used for to the structure of the product pages, should determine the way people buy through your website.

Things like having a clearly Call-To-Action or reviews from previous buyers are really significant.


#7 – No personality or taste

Unless your site is a house hold name, you will need personalities to show visitors that there is a human behind this site. Be creative and show your audience that you are a person with a soul behind this e-commerce team because people like to feel they are part of something.


8# – No Trust visible cues


Trust is very important when people take their credit cards and spend their hard earned money on something that you sell on your site.

Show people that they do not just take their money and run.

All the badges (secure SSL, paypal, credit cards) should be considered.


9# – Login approvals

Allowing you visitors to buy something from your store without creating an account can significantly increase you revenue. Many simply want to make their purchase and go.

Give your viewers a choice on whether they want to go ahead and enroll for an account or not; because it will cause you to loose peoples if you don’t.


#10 – The lack of shipping costs

Don’t shock people with your shipping costs until they are almost to place their credit card info into your website.

Make sure to let them know well formerly, what you are charging for shipping costs. Failing to do this correctly could cause you to have a high shopping cart abandon rate.


E-commerce websites need time and perseverance and a specialized guidance getting you down the right path in order to execute what needs to be done to hold visitors’ courtesy.

The list above is really a fraction of what could go wrong with an e-commerce website and it is up to you to always be testing a variety of diverse efforts to see what works best for you.


Are you struggling with making money with your online store? What could be the problem? Would you share your experience with thousands of people in the same situation?

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