Ayl “Ben'j” DHYBASS is the founder of SmartYourBiz.com, Online Business Training solution created in 2014 to help people build successful businesses online and improve their lives. 

His responsibility goes from the company's overall vision and strategy to day-to-day operations.

Since 2014, Ayl has focused on effective business solutions by creating the program "Zero2Business", which is a package of 3 complete courses about Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce and Freelancing.

The purpose of this program is to make people save time and money with this step by step guidance that gets them from zero to their first customers. 

Ayl is a Ph.D. student in Business Administration at the University Of Ulsan (South Korea) and the owner of Ki-Shop (kitchenware online shop) and Balaraone (Clothing Brand).

He's also a big fan of football (soccer), bodybuilding, Web/App design, and foreign languages.

“More than 90% of online entrepreneurs fail because they follow money instead of following knowledge. But Business is a Science; it’s either you know the rules, you apply them correctly and you succeed or you ignore them, you do whatever and you fail. It’s as simple as that.”
- Ayl DHYBASS, founder.

One minute...

... with Ayl Dhybass, founder of SmartYourBiz.com

What motivated you to create this project?

"As you can notice today everybody is trying to make money online from home; which is not bad at all, i can even say that today it’s the right thing to do if you want to create many sources of income. But the big problem is that people think that making money online is different from making money “offline”; which is totally wrong, because making money online is all about building a real business.

The result of this ignorance is that more than 90% of online business people fail again and again. Like i use to say, Business is a Science; it’s either you know the rules, you apply them correctly and you succeed or you ignore them, you do whatever and you fail. Period.

To solve this problem, we launched the “Zero2Business” program, a package of 3 complete courses on Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce and Freelancing to get people step by step from zero to their first customers, no matter how long or little they have been active and practicing.”

What is your biggest challenge as a leader?

"I think the biggest challenge for any leader is to surround himself (or herself) with competent people who understand the vision and who are fully committed."

The biggest mistake in your career?

"Early in my career i used to argue with customers; which was a serious mistake because it wronged us enormously. But very quickly I realized that the life or survival of a company depends entirely on the quality of its commitment to satisfy each of its clients' need. The client is always right."


What makes SmartYourBiz a trustworthy business?

"Our main strength is our “step by step” business model with real life projects. Unlike others, we don't teach theory only, but we show to our students how to build a real business in a specific niche, from the market research, the business plan, to how to build a clean and money-making website with WordPress and finally how to drive targeted traffic to their website.

We teach all those phases step by step so that people can experience success in a simple, funny and affordable way.

Also, based on the positive feedback, reviews, and testimonials our students are leaving, we can say that we're doing a great job."

How do you define yourself? Are you a guru?

"I'm neither a "guru" nor an "expert". I'm just a business student who took the risk to invest all the money he had (around $3,000) into a business he believed in.

By the grace of God I have achieved extraordinary results so far and today I want to share some of the secrets I've discovered because I want to see other people succeed too."


What's your favorite hobby?

"I like bodybuilding and playing soccer."

Your favorite team? Your favorite player?

"I am an unwavering supporter of Manchester United F.C. Wayne Rooney is my favorite player."

SmartYourBiz, some projects for the future?

"We are a young business and we do not want to put the cart before the horse. Recently we’ve launched a new course on Udemy and set up our blog, which will provide original and fresh content, twice a week, to help new online entrepreneurs to manage and grow their business.

For now, we're focusing on the development of our business. Slowly but surely."

Your last word?

"We at SmartYourBiz strongly believe that there is no shortcut in life, there is no way to be successful and make money apart from connecting with professionals and getting the adequate knowledge that allows you to build, manage and grow a powerful business.

The Bible shows us, in Matthew chapter 25 from verse 14, how dangerous it is to possess a talent and not being able to (or not willing to) develop it.

We believe that God put a special talent in every human being he created. It is, therefore, the responsibility of everyone to discover and develop that talent. Thanks."


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