10 Incredible Strategies Used By Trump to Win the Election That You Can Use To Grow Your Business

10 Incredible Strategies Used By Trump to Win the Election That You Can Use To Grow Your Business

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American presidential election 2016 results came as a shock to the whole world as the unexpected happened with Donald Trump carrying the day despite stiff competition and absolute rejection. But what really transpired and the unbelievable happened?  The ultimate yardstick for Trump success is anchored in his incredible strategies that proved nothing is impossible.

Are you running a business that is stagnating with little growth or operating in a very competitive market?  Why not try Donald Trump strategies and make your business stand out? The below list outline the top strategies that any business owner can learn from Donald Trump, and take their business to the next level.


     1. Be distinctive

From the campaign onset, Donald Trump was very categorical with his bid for American presidency. His slogan “Make America Great Again” was strong enough to convince his supporters concerning his manifesto. Therefore, Trump gained confidence and Americans believed in him as he had an already established objective that made him unique.

In business perspective, being distinctive refers to developing brand that your business can identify with. You should ensure that there is that one thing that makes you unique and different from competitors in your industry.
When you differentiate your business, you give your customers a good reason to come back to your business rather than going to your competitors. Always ensure that no customer should ask what makes you different because you will have proven it through unique value proposition.


     2. Understand your target Market

Donald Trump has done his assignment of understanding his target audience. He mainly focused on the youths and those who wanted to bring new change in America. It’s in this respect that Trump focused more on the issues affecting America such as Youth Unemployment, trade deals as well as ISIS issues.


As an entrepreneur, customers’ expectations change frequently based on the prevailing economic conditions. Therefore, you should endeavor to find out what matters to your customers and align your business to fit their taste and preferences.


     3. Focus on new markets

Once Trump was assured of victory in his popular states, he took the supremacy battle further and he took his campaigns in other states where he was not popular. He made his attempt to gunner more votes in all American states.

As such, once your business is established in one market, consider venturing into new markets to increase your market share. You can approach this strategy through introduction of new products and services or mass production of already existing products.


     4. Have a strong team

Donald Trump victory was as a result of a strong technical team that ensured everything worked perfect as planned. Having a strong team of experts in all fields enabled Trump to reach all the different stakeholders in the United States who were made to clearly understand his manifesto.

Equally, you need to have a very strong team for you to succeed in business. Ensure that you have hired professionals in all departments so that they can work towards attaining the set goals. For your business to grow, you also need to invest a lot in marketing and have a strong team that will that will inform the market about your products and services.


     5. Understand your competitor

Trump took time to understand his main competitor Hillary Clinton. He brought out the issue of private emails during all his campaigns and used this weak point to attack Clinton till the end. In business world, competition is unavoidable and it is the responsibility of every business owner to understand the environment in which he/she is operating in.

Once you have identified your rivals, conduct their SWOT Analysis and identify their areas of weakness and use them as your competitive advantage. Once you provide solutions that your competitors are no able to give, you are assured of continuous business growth.


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     6. Widen your offer

During his campaigns, Trump did not just promise American about making America great again. He went a step further and expounded what his government will give much priority. In his tenure, he promised quality education, revived economy, infrastructure, security, and improved healthcare.

In business, always ask yourself what other related products/ services that your customers might be interested in. once you have identified the new needs, you can consider expanding your business to offer those related services and products.


     7. Have unwavering focus

Trump always believed in himself and he stood strong even when very few people believed in him. Always stick to your business mission and vision statement. Many people might discourage not to executive your business goals because they don’t share the same vision as you do.



Therefore, you should not shy away from telling your customers what makes you unique and it is through such unwavering focus that your business will grow.


     8. Create a business community in social media

Trump created a community of followers using the power of social media platform and used it as a platform to air his manifesto. Creating a pool of business followers helps in spreading the message to the wider audience.


When you get all your business customers in one community, you will be able to protect them from your rivals by offering reliable and efficient services. This is a powerful marketing tool that you can use to grow your business to reach new markets.


     9. Be innovative

Trump understood the American people and used the latest technology to communicate his aspirations. Any business that does not evolve becomes obsolete and loose out customers to new businesses.

You should ensure that you are up to date with the recent technology and new ways of offering services. When you invest in new technologies, the business becomes more efficient and you are likely to attract new customers since you are distinct from your competitors.


     10. Keep it simple

Understand that growth is gradual and make continuous improvements over time. Never rush to make major changes overnight, this might affect customers perception and hence a chance of preference. Make all your proposed changes known to your existing customers so that they can as well give suggestions.

Trump used a simple language throughout his campaign period and brought his campaign arguments to the basic level to ensure everyone was onboard. Thus, we you focus on your strength and make it simple for your customers to understand, positive growth in your business is guaranteed.



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